St Anne's Guild is open to any woman who is a registered member of St. Anne Catholic Church, or who is the wife of a registered member, and who wishes to contribute and participate through her ideas, support and prayers.
The purpose of St. Anne's Guild is to serve God
Through a greater commitment,
To realize the joy that comes in direct proportion to knowing Him,
And to unite the members through prayer, work and mutualerial support,
Making St. Anne's a beacon of love and commitment

Three women talked and listened and talked more. It was 1982. Father Jim Rent was pastor, and there was an expressed need among the women of St. Anne's parish to connect with one another in prayer, to serve God through service to the church, and to build a network of friendship and support among fellow Catholics.

Poppy Doyle, JoAnn Edmundson and Joan O'Leary called on 33 ladies of the parish to meet in September, 1983, to become a steering committee. The proposal was to form the St. Anne's Guild. The goals were simple: to pray and work together and strive to make St. Anne's a beautiful, spiritual and friendly church. The targets for work to be done were many. The need to extend the wonderful spirit of warmth, hope, love and commitment to more parishioners was very real.

After several planning meetings, the Guild was officially launched in the spring of 1984. The workers were tireless, extending hospitality and help at the most joyful and the saddest times---weddings, baptisms and funerals; they cleaned, planted, did fund raising to further the work of the Guild and the church. Each task assumed, was accomplished.

Now more than twenty-five years old, steady growth has occurred in God's service. The members, more than 200 strong, through prayer and work, have achieved grace and growth, and the Guild has become a beacon of love and commitment.

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